Alternative income generation

Bács-Kiskun County and Vojvodina are similar regions, and agriculture has a very important role in their economic life. At the same time, in most cases small and medium-sized farms are unable to provide income to ensure the life of the families. Incomes are in fact too low to prevent people leaving the region in hopes of a better life in the big cities.

We find good examples and good practice in relation to alternative ways of earning income all around the world, which are supported by KAP. In order to increase the ability of provincial regions to keep people in their place of residence the County Government of  Bacs- Kiskun County in cooperation with the Development Foundation of Vojvodina Halo applied for the Hungary-Serbia Cross-border Co-operation Programme with the project Ruralnet.

The project aims to diversify income opportunities of people living in the region. In order to achieve this aim a research is carried out and a study is prepared, which examines the possibilities of alternative income generation in the territory of Bács-Kiskun County and Vojvodina.

As a result of the project 12 model business plans are prepared for the following activities and areas:

  • renewable energy solutions on small farms,
  • herbs production,
  • handicraft products,
  • honey production,
  • dried vegetables and fruit production,
  • rural tourism,
  • cheese production,
  • pickles production,
  • fruit preserving,
  • homemade farinaceous products,
  • oil-pressing,
  • meat processing on small farms.

Model biznis plans are available for download from the web pages of Bács-Kiskun County and the Development Foundation of Vojvodina Halo from 1st February, 2014, and in the offices of the co-operating partners.

Naziv projekta: RURALNET – Joint farm diversification strategy in the Hungarian-Serbia borderline

Identifikacionui broj projekta: HUSRB/1203/213/085


Samouprava Županije Bač-Kiškun (H-6000 Kečkemet, Trg Ferenca Deaka/Deák Ferenc tér 3.)

Vojvođanska Fondacija za razvoj „Halo” (RS-24000 Subotica, Age Mamužića 11.)

Ukupan budžet projekta: 103.600 Euro

Period realizacije: 01. 02. 2013. – 31. 05. 2014.

Download - Samples of business plans