Title of the project:

Cluster building by cooperation in the Agro-Food Sector

Acronym of the project: CBC Agro-Food

Project duration: 16 months (from 01.01.2012. to 31.04.2013.)

Project Partners:

Municipality of Baja, Baja, Hungary

Kikinda municipality, Kikinda, Serbia

Development Foundation of Vojvodina Halo, Subotica, Serbia


The border area of Hungary and Serbia is characteristically agricultural with only some industrial operations therefore the development of agriculture cannot be neglected in this area. The ensurance of agro-business actors to effectively participate in economic support programmes can be aided by the creation of clusters, and their facilitation towards efficient, cross-border co-operation.

The project is based on the experience of Kincses Bácska Klaszter, and it aims to promote the cluster-based co-operations among businesses, enterprise, farmers in the agro-food sector. Furthermore, the activities of the projekt, based on the hungarian precedent, intends to extend business relationships and co-operation to Vojvodina, Serbia.


Project activities:

  • joint trainings in Baja, Kikinda, Muzlja and Subotica

  • consultations in Baja, Muzlja, Kikinda, Subotica and other venues in Vojvodina

  • business-related meetings organized in Kiskoros, Baja and Kikinda

  • study visit and closing conference in Baja



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