Horses in the Hungarian-Serbian cultural heritage

The projects central topic is to present the importance of the several hundred years old equastrian culture in the Hungarian-Serbian borderline, the related cultural, economic, historical and other traditions, as well as to organize equastrian events, and to develop horse riding routes accompanied with a tourist map and a virtual museum.

The project willcontribute to the development of cultural and equestrian tourism in the region, based on the potential of equestrian tradition, especially near the borderline. The project will result in the intensification of cross-border cooperation in the field of equestrian tourism and tourism in general.

Project title: HORSE-TRAILS – Horses in the Hungarian-Serbian cultural heritage

Project ID: HUSRB/1203/212/136


Bács-Kiskun County Council (H-6000 Kečkemet, Trg Ferenca Deaka/Deák Ferenc tér 3.)

Development Foundation of Vojvodina „Halo” (RS-24000 Subotica, Age Mamužića 11.)

Association "Do-It-For-Izsak" (H-6070 Izsák, Szabadság Tér 1.)

Equestrian Klub "FAVORY" (RS-24104 Kelebija, Put Edvarda Kardelja 437.)

Total project budget: 192.110 Euro

Period of realization: 01. 03. 2013 – 31. 08. 2014